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1 Dec 2015

Nmbrs® integrates with XPS Logic

Sjoerd Haakon Haven
Sjoerd Haakon Haven

logo_bold.pngThe new integration that recently was realized between Nmbrs and XPS Logic makes payroll very easy. Now it is possible to send name, address and contact details of new and current employees from XPS Logic to Nmbrs, and vice versa. Besides payroll, it is also possible to send the recorded leave in XPS Logic to Nmbrs.

About XPS Logic
XPS Logic is a flexible information system to set up. Its distinctiveness lies in the fact that a large number of possibilities is combined in one system. For instance, XPS Logic offers services like CRM, workforce planning, invoice processing, time tracking, contract management, quatations, accounting, leave registration, rental planning and more.

XPS specializes in a number of sectors, including the temporary employment industry. Here, she succeeds in bringing most of the issues together in one package. This all-in-one system delivers custom work where necessary and making it a cost effective solution for your company, varying from SMB’s to large-business.


About Nmbrs®
Nmbrs® is a revolution in the field of HR and Payroll Software. We are unique in the world of online HR and Payroll Systems thanks to the technical options to integrate Nmbrs. 

You can find more information about the integration between Nmbrs and XPS Logic on our supportsite.

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Sjoerd Haakon Haven
Sjoerd is the partner manager at Nmbrs®
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