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Digital signing

Nmbrs offers a user-friendly solution for digital signatures. With this tool you never have to print again and you still have legally valid digital signatures.

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Digital signing

Sign documents quick and easy

Digital signing simplifies processes such as the onboarding of a new employee and prevents the problem of 'print, scan and email'. Documents are no longer left lying around, waiting for a signature. You can simply complete your work directly online.

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Document templates

We generate the documents for you

What makes signing even easier is that you can easily fill documents with data from Nmbrs. Once personal data and employment details have been entered in Nmbrs, you can easily fill these fields in a contract via the document template.

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Digital dossier
Work online

Store your HR-data in the cloud

HR administration without paper? Digital signing makes it possible. With Nmbrs, all your cases, processes and data are stored in the cloud, so you don't need a sheet of paper in your office.

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