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30 Apr 2024

Thanks to Nmbrs integrations, accountants and employers excel

Tim Nelis
Tim Nelis

Each product must do what it does best. We are firm believers of this philosophy. That is why Nmbrs has been working on integrations between our software and that of others for more than thirteen years. Time registration, accounting, HR, and payroll administration; all this data comes together with integrations. How do our customers reap the benefits?


Let's ask one of the 'major users' of our integrations: Salarispoint. Salarispoint provides payroll administration, advises customers on software to streamline work processes, and acts as a partner for accountants who prefer to focus on accounting. Salarispoint uses Nmbrs software and makes use of dozens of integrations.
We talk to Roy Coppus, Salarispoints software Specialist.


How do integrations affect the work of accountants?

‘The influence is immense. By streamlining work processes, accountants gain time to truly deliver value to their customers. A lot of time is currently wasted on (double) data entry. Some customers still submit their time registrations in tables in Word or Excel. The accountants we work with are of much greater value if they not only execute but can also advise their clients. The same applies to us. We want to help the customer improve business operations. The more you automate and let data flow back and forth, the more time is freed up for that part of our work.'

'In addition, thanks to integrations, we can bring together data from accounting packages and Power BI software. In this way, we provide our customers with valuable management information. Do they score well on their KPIs? Where do adjustments need to be made? That's where we can be of value.'


You sound passionate.

'Because I am! This is the future. Both for our customers and for us. Our sector is struggling with major staff shortages, so we should not waste time on data entry. There is so much great, specialized software out there. Take a time registration system like LogicWay, specially made for the logistics sector. Or for administration and planning of personnel. These apps can all 'talk' to Nmbrs. This way, every product excels in what they do best in their own expertise'.


Do you have an example of how a customer benefited from such a software integration?

'A mushroom farm we work for is growing fast, but still registers the working hours of employees in Excel. This costs both the customer and us time, and the chance of errors is relatively high. I visited them to ask questions. What is important to you when it comes to time registration? Do you have a clock-in and clock-out system? Do many different surcharges apply? It turned out that the Dyflexis app could take over everything. And an integration with Nmbrs is available. Now employees easily register their hours, allowances are automatically calculated and my customer can see the personnel costs associated with each planned or completed shift. The customer was very happy with all those new options and the time savings they yielded. And so do we, because the data we need for payroll administration is now available at the touch of a button and is error-free.'


Are your customers aware of the possibilities of integrations?

'No, they are often very surprised at what is possible. You should know: many of our customers come from the agricultural world. They know everything about agriculture. They are good at that and want to focus on that, not on all kinds of administrative matters. They are also naturally somewhat reluctant to try new software. With them, we start a dialogue. To collect information and then explore the (technological) possibilities available to improve work processes. I often end up with specialized software that can 'talk' to Nmbrs. These integrations save you time and costs.'

'That's the work I want to do. It also fits well with Salarispoint's core values. We want to stand side by side with our customers. Not only unburdening them but also supporting them in the challenge of how they can improve their business operations. And we want to provide them with relevant management information so that they can manage their company properly. Connecting the right software together makes that possible.'

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Tim Nelis
Tim is one of Nmbrs Partnership Managers. He focuses on integration partners and support partners setting up their integration, as well as, spreading the word on the advantages of connecting applications.
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