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Are you tired of doing the same tasks over and over again? Standardize HR processes with HR workflows.

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The best task manager for HR services

Easily overcome repetitive HR and payroll tasks with an HR workflow. The HR workflows make HR less repetitive and give you more time to spend for one-on-ones with people.

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Fast Input

Assign tasks automatically to the right person

Is an employee's contract expiring? The HR workflows automatically initiate the right process and assign tasks to the right person.

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Easily create your own HR workflows

Do you follow standard processes for the onboarding of a new employee, for a move, or for example for reporting sick? You can easily set up an HR workflow for this in Nmbrs.

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For a complete overview of our features, we have written down the functionality list for you. Here you will also find complete lists of our reports and the different industries we support.

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Digital dossier
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Store your administration in the cloud

An administration without paper? HR workflows facilitate this like no other. The standard workflows are all set up in such a way that cases, documents and assessments are stored securely online in a digital dossier.

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