Security at Nmbrs

Safe HR and Payroll software is both our profession and guarantee. The security of our platform, network and products are our highest priority day and night.


We safeguard your privacy

Nmbrs will never use the data for purposes other than HR- and payroll related practice, and we are determined to make sure nobody else ever will. All customer data that requires storage is located in the Equinix datacenter with the highest levels of security and operational reliability. When data-sharing occurs with applications or tools that enhance our product, this happens in compliance with the EU Data Protection Act. That means that the shared information is very limited and does not expose any kind of personal sensitive data.  

Secure platform

How do we secure your data?

Nmbrs have taken measures to make Nmbrs both secure and convenient for our partners and users. We use several tools for application, infrastructure and user monitoring that alert our operations team to act in critical situations. For the complete picture, the Nmbrs IT whitepaper offers an elaborate explanation of the efforts and policies that help secure our data.


Who verifies our quality?

Nmbrs consults external parties to verify our operational excellence, procedures and methodologies. Nmbrs maintains a set of compliance certifications that provide independent verification of our quality.


What policies do we deploy?

A number of legal documents is important to both us at Nmbrs, as well as our customers, our prospects, and users of our application. To make it easy to find the information you’re looking for, we’ve assembled them here under one roof, provided with a quick rundown of the individual regulations.

Work safer

How can we work even safer?

To be an online software means that online crime is a risk of our service. Cyber criminals may attempt to obtain sensitive information by accessing individual accounts or using our name and image. We believe that the most forceful weapon against this form of crime is shared knowledge. Therefore, we aim to provide all our users and partners with clear knowledge and instructions on how to deal with possible attempts to online crime.


Feel free to get in touch

Our compliance officer and support team are happy to help and will get back at you as soon as possible.