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Payroll feature

Interactive payslip

You can easily create and check payslips in Nmbrs' interactive payslip. You can adjust the payslip in real time without processing a run.

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Interactive payslip

Easily create a payslip yourself

Nmbrs makes creating a payslip as easy as possible. You can click anywhere in the payslip to change fields, so you always work from one place in the application.

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Fast Input
Realtime editing

Changes are immediately visible

Are you making a change? Nmbrs then recalculates the payslip in real time and you can see exactly what your bottom line adjustment means.

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Run control
Automatic payment

Extensively checked for errors

Meanwhile, the run control checks the payslip - also in real time - for errors and warnings. This way you tackle any errors at the root and together we keep your payroll administration error-free.

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Payroll features

Automate the entire payroll process

Process error-free payslips and then pay them automatically? At Nmbrs you are in good hands for a worry-free payroll cycle.

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For a complete overview of our features, we have written down the functionality list for you. Here you will also find complete lists of our reports and the different industries we support.

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