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Payroll workflow

Stress-free payroll administration starts with Nmbrs. Discover how to take full control of your payroll administration and fully automate the payroll cycle.

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Take charge of your agenda

Adjust the planning to your needs, taking into account the date on which the salary run must be carried out, but also all the necessary control moments that precede this. By doing this, you work together with your colleagues to ensure error-free processing of salaries.

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Integrated automatically

Wage declaration, journal entry, pension export? No problem

After the payroll run, Nmbrs ensures that the payroll data is received in good order by the tax authorities, the pension funds and the business administration. You do not have to do anything for this yourself, even if you make retroactive adjustments, for example.

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Automatic payment

Pay salaries and payroll taxes immediately

After running a payroll run, you pay employees and the tax authorities without the need for a SEPA file via direct bank integration with Nmbrs Pay.

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Retrospective changes

Conveniently make changes retroactively

It's not uncommon for a payroll specialist to make changes in the past. Our dedicated and long-serving team of payroll specialists built solutions to process these retroactive changes in the easiest and most intuitive way possible.

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Payroll features

Automate the entire payroll process

Do you want full control over your payroll administration and automate as much as possible? At Nmbrs we have even more features in store for you that will take your payroll administration to a higher level.

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For a complete overview of our features, we have written down the functionality list for you. Here you will also find complete lists of our reports and the different industries we support.

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