Nmbrs® integrates with Joboti!

Meet Mindy! Joboti's virtual HR assistant. This chatbot is able to directly...

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Nmbrs® integrates with XPS Logic

The new integration that recently was realized between Nmbrs and XPS Logic...

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Nmbrs® makes integration child's play

Organizations prefer to choose the best cloud applications for their...

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Send declarations to Nmbrs® from Declaree

Employees can use their Declaree smartphone app to put their expense forms...

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Nmbrs® integration with Atrea

Nmbrs® is integrated with Atrea. With the integration between Nmbrs® and Atrea...

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With accountants and administration offices can monitor clients....

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Nmbrs® is integrated with SecureLogin

Nmbrs® is now integrated with SecureLogin. SecureLogin offers a safe and user...

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No more double work with the Dyflexis and Nmbrs® integration

For some time now the integration has been available unofficially, but as of...

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Cash Software bv

Nmbrs® integration with Cash

Nmbrs® integrated with Cash. Thanks to this integration there is no more need...

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Nmbrs® integrated with HROffice

Nmbrs® is now integrated in HROffice, a single integrated recruitment solution...

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Nmbrs® integration with Visionplanner

Nmbrs® is integrated with Visionplanner Cloud, an online program that offers...

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Nmbrs® integration with Yuki

Nmbrs® is integrated with the online bookkeeping program Yuki, which offers a...

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