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6 Oct 2015

Nmbrs® integration with Atrea

Sjoerd Haakon Haven
Sjoerd Haakon Haven


Nmbrs® is integrated with Atrea. With the integration between Nmbrs® and Atrea clients can send and receive data between the two systems. Information can be send from Nmbrs® to Atrea and registered hours can automatically be send from Atrea to Nmbrs® and are linked to the correct wage components. For more information regarding the integration, visit the website of Atrea.

Atrea is a software vendor for time registration, activity/order/projects administration, absence planning, access managament and visitor registrations. The power of Atrea lies within the various integrations with other applications for payroll, HR and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


Nmbrs® is a revolution in the field of HR and Payroll Software. We are unique in the world of online HR and Payroll Systems thanks to the technical options to integrate Nmbrs®. 

You can find more information about the integration between Nmbrs® and Atrea on our supportsite.

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Sjoerd Haakon Haven
Sjoerd is the partner manager at Nmbrs®
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