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It's a banner with the title and the author of the interview on the left side and a picture of the author of the interview on the right.

Summer internship: why you should do one at Nmbrs

Summer is coming, and apart from it being the time for sun, beach, and...

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It's a banner with the title of the article on the left, the Nmbrs logo and the name of the person who the article is about about. On the right, there is a picture of Guilherme, our summer intern of 2020.

Why a summer internship can contribute to your career

Summer internships are nothing new. Every company has been doing it for a long...

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It's a team pictures with everyone who is part of Nmbrs. We are all raising our hands above our head and smiling.

The dawn of the career website & how we brought it to life (again)

A career page or website is the face of the company as an employer. It’s the...

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We have a new Nmbrs Tech Blog! The image shows one of our developers working in front of three screens.

The new Nmbrs Tech Blog!

We are proud to say that we have a new Nmbrs Tech Blog! Knowledge sharing is...

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The Numbees are a small silver bot with a very friendly look. They are a visual representation of our AI feature.

How AI gained a body

As Monty Python famously said: Always look on the bright side of life. Now that...

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No managers: making recruitment more than just a process

Working in a manager's free environment can bring a lot of benefits but also...

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