Working less to Achieve more: why we think the 4-day Workweek will work

Summer is almost coming to an end. Schools have started up again and most...

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How to make employees feel more welcome in the workplace

Paying attention to how our employees are seen and heard as soon as they step...

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How to be a good LGBTQIA+ ally

Visma Nmbrs & Pride: from 7 days to 365 days per year

Yay! Pride week started this Saturday on the 30th of July. That means that this...

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It’s all about the journey: Wouter Hofman

Meet Wouter Hofman. He is a QA from Purmerend in The Netherlands, and today he...

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A round trip back to Nmbrs

We have come full circle. That with the succession of Mariel Dommering by...

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It’s all about the journey: Ana Elisa Franchini

Meet Ana Elisa Franchini. She is a product designer (delivering interface and...

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It's a banner with the title and the author of the interview on the left side and a picture of the author of the interview on the right.

Summer internship: why you should do one at Nmbrs

Summer is coming, and apart from it being the time for sun, beach, and...

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What matters when keeping your employees engaged in the new normal

This article is co-written by Rita Mendes and Andreia dos Reis Let’s all pause...

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Why my mental health is good after 1 year of lockdown

I believe that you, just like myself, up until this point, probably have seen...

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Remote Hiring: 5 topics to consider when hiring for cultural fit

At Nmbrs, before the Coronavirus crises, we were already doing the hiring...

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It's a banner with the title of the article and the author on the left and the picture of the author on the right.

The importance of mental health awareness during COVID-19

One year has passed since we at Nmbrs started working from home due to...

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It's a banner with the title of the article on the left, the Nmbrs logo and the name of the person who the article is about about. On the right, there is a picture of Guilherme, our summer intern of 2020.

Why a summer internship can contribute to your career

Summer internships are nothing new. Every company has been doing it for a long...

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It's a team pictures with everyone who is part of Nmbrs. We are all raising our hands above our head and smiling.

The dawn of the career website & how we brought it to life (again)

A career page or website is the face of the company as an employer. It’s the...

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It's an illustration with the logo "Nmbrs Leadership Sessions" with screens with people around it and connecting to it.

Creating a Leadership program during Corona

Article co-written by Anna van Oenen and Zoe Goddijn Corona was an eye-opener...

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Why we should be thinking more about data

Data has never been of more importance, nor has there ever been such vast...

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It's a picture of an open space office with people sitting at different tables and working.

5 ways in which we are different, not crazy

One of the first statements I read about Nmbrs, during my recruitment process...

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It's a picture of Martine, the author of the article. She is in the center of the picture, sideways and smiling while talking to other colleagues

Growth & Development: 8 ways how we do it

In one of our previous articles, we explained why growth and development is so...

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It's a picture of the entire Nmbrs team. Everyone is together, looking at the camera, with their arms raised high.

Going international: My experience with the Nmbrs Exchange program

With the current age of globalization, it's important to give your employers...

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It's an illustration of 4 screens in different platforms, where Numbees are having video chats.

Help, I’m onboarding a new job remotely!

When I accepted a job offer earlier this year, I had no idea that I would start...

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It's an illustration of a woman and a man on top of a rocket, holding flags. The rocket is diagonally flying from the bottom-left corner of the image towards the top-left one. There are clouds in the background.

Growth & Development: 5 questions why we believe employees know best

Almost all of us grew up in this system called ‘Hierarchy’ where people are...

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The image is an illustration of three people putting giant pieces of a puzzle together. In the background there are big leaves and a paper airplane.

We are stronger together - the power of team collaboration

Disclaimer: this article was written before the outbreak of Covid 19. At the...

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It's true! Your company can be your coach

I recently celebrated my 2-year anniversary at Nmbrs, and I thought it would be...

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We have a new Nmbrs Tech Blog! The image shows one of our developers working in front of three screens.

The new Nmbrs Tech Blog!

We are proud to say that we have a new Nmbrs Tech Blog! Knowledge sharing is...

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At Nmbrs, we have no managers. It's important that everyone feels the responsibility to help the company grow. The image is an illustration of two people running (one man and one woman). The woman is passing the "green pill" to her colleague.

What you need to know when working in a company with no managers

Every organisation is different and I for one am sure that there is no one...

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Why QAs can be good developers

There are many similarities in the mindset and skillset needed by a QA Engineer...

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The Numbees are a small silver bot with a very friendly look. They are a visual representation of our AI feature.

How AI gained a body

As Monty Python famously said: Always look on the bright side of life. Now that...

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Why Europe’s “Unicorn Factory” is yet to adopt technologically advanced HR systems

Sweden is generally perceived as a nation at the forefront of technological...

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pvexpert-logo (1)

A chat with Patricia van Es, payroll administrator and owner of PvExpert.

The name PvExpert originated from a combination between the initials of...

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Accountor and Nmbrs, a partnership built for the future!

Last week we had two exceptional guests from Accountor visiting the Nmbrs...

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Leon Bedaux-1229

Nmbrs appoints Leon Bedaux as Chief Operations Officer

Amsterdam, 4 March 2019 - Since February 2019 Leon Bedaux, former IT director...

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No-manager LinkedIn

Six key points on how your company can start working without managers

At Nmbrs® we decided not to hire any managers. We do have a five-person...

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No managers: making recruitment more than just a process

Working in a manager's free environment can bring a lot of benefits but also...

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A tale of two cities

A first-hand experience of Nmbrs’ exchange programme in Lisbon Thijmen Alkema,...

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Expand your Services

Facilitating accessible HR services: Why it should be on your strategic roadmap

4 min read Recently, Nmbrs organized a knowledge session for accountants that...

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Recruitment process: Why we’re making it a ride to enjoy

9 min read We recently celebrated the recruitment of our 100th employee. So we...

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quote mariel eng

The employee journey 2018: data, gut feeling and personalization

5 min read The employee journey was central during the first Nmbrs knowledge...

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Nmbrs® integrates with Joboti!

Meet Mindy! Joboti's virtual HR assistant. This chatbot is able to directly...

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Nmbrs® now uses Redgate’s DLM tools

Nmbrs is always looking for new ways to improve. To boost productivity, we have...

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Nmbrs® integrates with XPS Logic

The new integration that recently was realized between Nmbrs and XPS Logic...

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Nmbrs® makes integration child's play

Organizations prefer to choose the best cloud applications for their...

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Send declarations to Nmbrs® from Declaree

Employees can use their Declaree smartphone app to put their expense forms...

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Nmbrs® integration with Atrea

Nmbrs® is integrated with Atrea. With the integration between Nmbrs® and Atrea...

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Nmbrs® uses Virtual Reality for Marketing

The Amsterdam-based developer of cloud applications Nmbrs® hired creative...

Read more is now integrated with Nmbrs®

With accountants and administration offices can monitor clients....

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Nmbrs® is integrated with SecureLogin

Nmbrs® is now integrated with SecureLogin. SecureLogin offers a safe and user...

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Nmbrs® is nominated for Deloitte Fast50 again!

Nmbrs® is nominated for Deloitte Technology Fast50 again. With this nomination...

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Nmbrs HR (1)-401447-edited

Nmbrs introduces a "CRM" tool for your HR department

The new app HR inbox helps HR managers to organize their core business in a...

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Finding expenses on your pay-slip!

Nmbrs introduces new Expense Module Every company has employees that pay for...

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Nmbrs® invests in new office space

Our team has grown considerably over the past few months, both in Lisbon and in...

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No more double work with the Dyflexis and Nmbrs® integration

For some time now the integration has been available unofficially, but as of...

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Nmbrs® transforms the payslip into a digital, interactive statement

At first it seems like a small feature but in fact Nmbrs® gives the digital...

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Nmbrs® Sweden almost ready for official launch

In 2014 Nmbrs® shifted borders to Sweden, with the ultimate purpose to expand...

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Year transition in Nmbrs®

From today it’s possible to process payslips and the year transition in 2015....

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Nmbrs® now has ISAE 3402 type II


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Cash Software bv

Nmbrs® integration with Cash

Nmbrs® integrated with Cash. Thanks to this integration there is no more need...

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Nmbrs® Live Pilot Program 2015

Our successful Live Pilot Program continuous running in 2015. You can still...

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Nmbrs® congratulates Boyan Slat with his UN prize 'Champions of the Earth'

The 20 year old Dutch inventor Boyan Slat won the UN prize „Champions of the...

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FD banner klein

Nmbrs® nominated for the FD Gazellen for the fourth year in a row

For the fourth year in a row Nmbrs® has been nominated for an FD Gazellen...

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Nmbrs® visits the Accountancynieuwsdag and Exact Live

This fall Nmbrs® will attend two large events: the Accountancynieuwsdag and...

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Nmbrs® across the border by its own devices: Innovative HR and payroll software also in Sweden

AMSTERDAM – Swedish accountants and administration offices – and their clients...

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Nmbrs® nominated for the Deloitte Technology Fast50

Today Deloitte has announced the 50 companies that are nominated for the 15th...

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Nmbrs® launches new revolution: Free access for all users

AMSTERDAM – Accountants and administration offices that work with Nmbrs®...

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In the coming months Nmbrs® will visit various exhibitions and congresses

In the coming months Nmbrs® will visit a few exhibitions and congresses in the...

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Nmbrs® invites accountants for a new Roadshow

In September, October and November 2014 Nmbrs® goes on the road in order to...

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accountants rapporten

Nmbrs® launches new accountant reports

Quicker and easier overviews for accountants...

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Nmbrs® integrated with HROffice

Nmbrs® is now integrated in HROffice, a single integrated recruitment solution...

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HR and Payroll service provision more striking with free website

Nmbrs® helps administration offices with their marketing...

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Nmbrs® integration with Visionplanner

Nmbrs® is integrated with Visionplanner Cloud, an online program that offers...

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the ocean cleanup

Nmbrs® sponsors The Ocean Cleanup

Since 2014 Nmbrs® sponsors Foundation The Ocean Cleanup. The Ocean Cleanup is a...

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Next week Nmbrs® visits the AN-ICT day and the Accountancy Expo

Nmbrs® sponsors ConnectivITy...

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Valuable HR overview from payroll processing

Smart innovation Nmbrs® integrates payroll and HR data...

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Nmbrs® integration with Yuki

Nmbrs® is integrated with the online bookkeeping program Yuki, which offers a...

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Nmbrs® Live Pilot program 2014

In the past year the start-up team of Nmbrs® has introduced the live pilot...

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Nmbrs® features a ISAE 3402 report

We proudly announce that Nmbrs® officially features an ISAE 3402 type I report....

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Integration APG and Nmbrs®

As of today Nmbrs® is integrated with pension provider APG. For government and...

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flyer kleiner

Nmbrs® comes with new animation videos

Do you also want to show your clients how they can make use of Nmbrs®? Nmbrs®...

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30 procent regeling

Unique feature in Nmbrs®: the 30% regulation with minimum

Starting today Nmbrs® is the only provider that offers payroll software a...

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Nmbrs® nominated for the FD Gazellen

This year Nmbrs® has been nominated for the FD Gazellen award for the third...

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Soon ISAE 3402 certification for Nmbrs®

At this very moment the management measures within Nmbrs® are being audited. We...

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Integration Nostradamus and Nmbrs®

With Nostradamus and Nmbrs® the catering industry is served appropriately: two...

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New feature in Nmbrs®: the pro forma employee

Do you want to know how much a new employee is going to cost you? And does an...

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API is dé nieuwe norm

AMSTERDAM – Om slimmer en efficiënter te werken, hebben organisaties grote...

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