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Digital dossier

Manage human resources more securely, efficiently and error-free in Nmbrs' online software.

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Digital dossier
Safe in the cloud

Manage human resources securely online

Your personnel files have never been more secure than with us in the cloud. Here, they are protected with advanced security measures, such as encryption and access control, to ensure the confidentiality of staff information.

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Save time

Efficient and user-friendly

Employees can easily access and update their own data in the digital file, saving HR departments time. Moreover, data never needs to be entered more than once in the cloud, drastically reducing the risk of mistakes.

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For a complete overview of our features, we have written down the functionality list for you. Here you will also find complete lists of our reports and the different industries we support.

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Digital dossier
Work online

Store your HR-data in the cloud

HR administration without paper? Our combined features make it possible. With Nmbrs, all your cases, processes and data are stored in the cloud, so you don't need a sheet of paper in your office.

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