When to start automation using HR software?


Using HR software to facilitate HR automation: when’s the right time?

Before a decision is made on automating HR processes through HR software, it is important to consider how satisfied the organisation is with the current human resources management and if it fits in the HR strategy.

First and foremost, HR Automation requires good insight into the work processes and the workings of your own organisation. Many HR processes are document-driven. Automation is capable of speeding up and simplifying the sequence of obtaining, processing, assessing, and approving HR documents. Most of the time this can be done via HR workflows.

There may be various grounds for introducing HR Automation, such as:

The growth of HR: This expectation can often be a reason to take a careful look at the distribution of HR tasks. In particular, manual tasks for recruiting and onboarding may take up a disproportionate amount of time.
Employee complaints: For instance, time-consuming onboarding of new employees or approval of leave. Review the most important HR responsibilities and assess which processes could be improved.
Limited budget and resources: An automated HR system with reduced human intervention can make the HR department more efficient, even with fewer resources.
Organisational growth: The growth of an organisation or the opening of new branches is often another reason to consider how HR tasks and work processes are handled. Frequently, 'Manual HR departments' will then encounter administrative bottlenecks, whilst it is precisely under such circumstances that the need for efficiency and mutual cooperation (information sharing) increases.

Finding the right HR software

Now that you’ve determined that your organisation is ready for HR automation, it’s time to find the HR tools that can actually automate HR processes for you. The HR software landscape is vast and opaque, but luckily you’ve identified what you want the software to do for you, which is already half the battle.

Most companies, or at least, the ones that know what they’re doing, have created a landing page showcasing their most prominent features. Having a look around on these pages will give you a feeling of what the software will do. Another thing to look for is the company culture. Are they young and hip or grey and dusty? Do they have a dedicated person for you to do the implementation with or will you be stuck doing everything on your own?

To get started you can always have a look at our landing page of course. If our features have caught your attention or if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll make sure you end up with the right solution. Be it Nmbrs® or other software, we’re going to make sure that you end up with the HR tools you need.



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