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All about Nmbrs

We believe employees are the most important part of any company.
Payroll and HR are two services at the core of what makes employees happy within any organisation. Our goal is to automate as many payroll-HR processes to help companies dedicate more time to their employees. And, while spreading our vision to other companies, we make sure to apply the same values at Nmbrs.

What we do: We are a SaaS company that develops payroll-HR software for the Dutch and Swedish markets. It may sound boring but rest assured, it is not! Just ask your future colleagues.



We want to develop a product with impact, that we are proud of and build a beautiful company around it, to conquer the world and enjoy the journey.
All about Nmbrs


We develop an international Payroll/HR platform where we deliver optimal HR processes and connect all key-users so that they serve their employees better. 


We want to expand to 20 countries by 2030


Payslips per month are generated in the Nmbrs software


Offices across two locations, Amsterdam and Lisbon

Our Culture

Our colleagues and our culture are the most important part of Nmbrs and what defines us. See what it means to be a part of this tight group of people.

Why joining us is a great idea

We trust you to do the right thing

We trust you to do the right thing

We are a company with no managers, and we steer with our culture. Therefore we have little written rules and regulations. Our employees and teams have ownership to make their own decisions.

Dutchguese company

Dutchguese company

We have Dutch and Portuguese founders. We are making it part of our culture to have a Dutchguese environment. We have offices in Lisbon and Amsterdam and an exchange program where employees can switch countries up to four months!

We want to mean something for your career

We want to mean something for your career

We help you be one of the best in your field, and give you the stage to showcase your talents. You own your personal and professional development, and the People coaches help you find the best learning opportunities.


Magic happens when we are together

We love talking and brainstorming together to come up with the best solution, either in a meeting or at the coffee machine. From tech teams, to finance, support, sales and marketing, we all value collaboration.


Enjoy the ride

Being together is very important to us, and we like to have fun. We strive to make Nmbrs one of the best companies to work for while enjoying work-life balance. We organise voluntary online and live activities such as summer events, games, and more!


We are almost there

We experiment, make mistakes, we launch early and make it better. To grow, we need to adapt fast. Change is part of everyone's reality. We empower and support each other to keep improving and achieve our goals.

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