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22 Dec 2014

Year transition in Nmbrs®

Michiel Chevalier
Michiel Chevalier

From today it’s possible to process payslips and the year transition in 2015. From 29 December you can process the full payroll process of 2015 in Nmbrs®.

Year-end documents and year transition
Apart from the usual changes that will take place when you use the year transition wizard, there are also some new options. A new year-end dashboard with information about tax declaration, journals and leave is now available. It’s also possible to make the year-end documents visible for companies and employees at any time.


Pension exports
It’s now possible to send improved pension exports to APG, Syntrus Achmea and Stipp. It will be possible to send exports to TKP later.


Schemes and salary tables
Like every year during January all the pension schemes and salary tables will be changed. Via our support page you will get notified about which ones are changed.


Work costs scheme
In 2015 there are five new options for calculating the work costs scheme. The overview is also improved, in the overview you can directly see how much final levy has to be paid. Later it will also be possible to integrate the work costs from your payroll with applications for the administration.


You can find more information on our support page:
All changes for 2015
Year transition
Work costs scheme

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Michiel Chevalier
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