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8 Jun 2015

No more double work with the Dyflexis and Nmbrs® integration

Sjoerd Haakon Haven
Sjoerd Haakon Haven


For some time now the integration has been available unofficially, but as of today it's official: the wage integration between Dyflexis Planning Software and Nmbrs® Payroll Software is a fact.

The integration between Dyflexis and Nmbrs® streamlines the payroll process and prevents manual data entry errors. The master data from Nmbrs® is loaded directly into Dyflexis and at the end of the payroll period the hours from the timesheet are automatically sent to Nmbrs®.

The integration works based on web service: this means that files do not have to be downloaded manually because the systems interconnect.

More information? Call Dyflexis at +31(0) 880 111 555.



Dyflexis Planning Software is developed by Wodan Brothers. Dyflexis stands for DYnamic FLEXible Information Systems. Wodan Brothers is market leader in the field of user friendly online personnel planning software for various branches.



Nmbrs® is a revolution in the field of HR and Payroll Software. We are unique in the world of online HR and Payroll Systems thanks to the technical options to integrate Nmbrs®. The integration of Dyflexis in Nmbrs® is available free of charge.




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Sjoerd Haakon Haven
Sjoerd is the partner manager at Nmbrs®
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