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6 May 2015

Nmbrs® Sweden almost ready for official launch


SWEDEN-300x157-1In 2014 Nmbrs® shifted borders to Sweden, with the ultimate purpose to expand the payroll and HR software internationally. Meanwhile the Swedish Nmbrs® is in a advanced development stage. Several companies are reaching the final stage of the test phase. This test phase will be completed after the summer of 2015. The official launch will take place after this completion.

In order to bring the product Nmbrs® on the Swedish market and to make it as successful as the Dutch product, a Swedish expert was hired. Malin Andersson is now working in the Product Team of Nmbrs® Sverige and realizes the launch of the software in Sweden together with her colleagues.

Market research

“At the moment, we are meeting Swedish users to introduce them to the system. Through this, we try to get insight in what they need and what they expect from the system. Therefore, we ensure that the product fully complies with their expectations”, says Anderson. Beneficial is the strong online orientation, the Swedish population has. Therefore, the expectation is that the online HR- and payroll software will be well-received.

Nmbrs® Sverige

The Swedish Nmbrs® has the same functionalities as the Dutch HR- and payroll software. “In Sweden, a major part of businesses are already working in the cloud. This makes it easier to introduce the method of Nmbrs® to the Swedes”.

Nmbrs® International

Sweden is the first step into the international market for Nmbrs®. The experience that Nmbrs® gained and the constant adjustments of the product, makes the launch of Nmbrs® in new countries easier. 


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