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Michiel Chevalier
November 29, 2013

Nmbrs® nominated for the FD Gazellen

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This year Nmbrs® has been nominated for the FD Gazellen award for the third year in a row. With this, Nmbrs® may call itself an FD Gazelle, a nomination for the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. For the past ten years the FG organises, in cooperation with Graydon, the FD Gazellen.

In order to be nominated for the FD Gazellen companies need to be financially healthy, realise a revenue growth of at least 20% over three years and not suffer any losses. The reviews are based on the data from the Graydon database, existing out of 2 million active Dutch companies that are updated daily. In doing this, they monitor the revenue figures, year results and the payment behaviour of the companies.

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