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1 Dec 2014

Nmbrs® Live Pilot Program 2015

Michiel Chevalier
Michiel Chevalier

Our successful Live Pilot Program continuous running in 2015. You can still join this program in the following year. With the Live Pilot Program you get a clear view of Nmbrs® Accountant and if our software is profitable to your company. The goal of this Live Pilot is:

  • to conclude if you can work more effectively with Nmbrs® and if this will lower your annual costs.
  • to conclude if your company wants to continue working with our Nmbrs® software, which enables you to provide in the needs of your current clients.
  • to conclude if Nmbrs® can enable the growth of your business.
  • to educate two of your payroll experts about the Nmbrs® software, which will enable them to conduct a possible internal Roll Out program.

Our Live Pilot has proven to be a great succes. All company’s that attended this program are now fully running on Nmbrs®

If you are interested in the Live Program or have any questions, you can contact our sales department via or contact us via 020-5849601.

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Michiel Chevalier
Michiel is the CEO of Nmbrs®. He's an expert and innovator in the field of online HR- and payroll applications.
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