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Michiel Chevalier
September 11, 2014

Nmbrs® launches new revolution: Free access for all users

AMSTERDAM – Accountants and administration offices that work with Nmbrs® Accountant can give all users over at their clients even easier access to the online personnel and payroll administration. A new organized price model gives all users free access from now on.

The price model creates extra clarity about the total subscription costs that the customers of Nmbrs® Accountant pay. Where before various factors were determinative – among which the amount of users – since this month only the amount of active employees that receive a net amount (per month!) count. On that amount the various subscription forms are based. In order to make this possible, the fixed package prices rose slightly (from 99 Euro per month). “But for most clients it ends up favourably”, calculated Michiel Chevalier, director and founder of Nmbrs®. On top of that, existing clients can stick to their old rate. “And whoever finds the new price attractive, can switch to it whenever he wants. With us, up- and downgrading can be done at any moment.”


Fair pricing
The new rates are part of the strategy of fair pricing that Nmbrs® uses. “With us only the amount of employees that receive a net amount in a month count. If, for example, someone has resigned, then he does not count for the rest of the year. And someone with a zero hours contract only counts if he actually gets paid that month. This course creates transparency and flexibility without unpleasant surprises”, according to Chevalier.


Empower customers
Besides offering extra transparency about subscription costs, Nmbrs® also wants to make it easier for accountants to grant their customers access to the personnel and payroll administration. That extra service matches the vision of Nmbrs® to help strengthen the business of accounting firms. "We will use our online services increasingly tune to those users," said Chevalier. All subscriptions are available today including all users and all functionalities offered in Nmbrs® Accountant.

Check out the new prices here.


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