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29 Jun 2015

Nmbrs® invests in new office space



Our team has grown considerably over the past few months, both in Lisbon and in Amsterdam. This means that our office at the Willem de Zwijgerlaan (Amsterdam) has simply become too small. We needed a larger space.

With that in mind, we expanded our Amsterdam office space by incorporating the area on the other side of the hall. Last month our Sales and Finance Department moved into our new office area. A perfect solution for keeping our team dynamics intact, something which is very important for us at Nmbrs!

With this move our old office space also went through a transformation. We created more space for meetings, receiving guests and training sessions. This way we were able to hold the increasing number of training sessions in our own office. We also placed a big lunch table in our office. Despite the growth of our team, we try to find ways to lunch together on a daily basis.  In the end that is where the team dynamics begin!

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