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19 Nov 2014

Nmbrs® congratulates Boyan Slat with his UN prize 'Champions of the Earth'

Michiel Chevalier
Michiel Chevalier

opengraph-toc-150x150The 20 year old Dutch inventor Boyan Slat won the UN prize „Champions of the Earth” last Monday. With his project The Ocean Cleanup Slat is the youngest winner ever for inspiring initiatives in the field of environment. Nmbrs® is sponsor of the The Ocean Cleanup Foundation since 2014. We want to congratulate Boyan Slat and the foundation with this important award.

The Ocean Cleanup

Why move through the oceans, if the oceans can move through you? Attaching an array of floating barriers and platforms to the sea bed enables The Ocean Cleanup to concentrate the plastic before extracting it from the ocean —a collection process 100% driven by the natural winds and currents.

Instead of nets, solid floating barriers are used, making entanglement of wildlife impossible. Virtually all of the current flows underneath these booms, taking away all (neutrally buoyant) organisms, and preventing by-catch, while the lighter-than-water plastic collects in front of the floating barrier.

The scalable array of moorings and booms is designed for large-magnitude deployment, covering millions of square kilometers without moving a centimeter. Thanks to its projected high capture and field efficiency, a single gyre can be covered in just 5-10 years (or longer, depending on the chosen deployment strategy).

Nmbrs® sponsorship program

Nmbrs® strongly supports advanced technology and efficient solutions and is therefore a supporter of Boyan Slats project. Information about the smart technology and vision of Boyan Slat can be viewed on the website of The Ocean Cleanup where Boyan Slat gives a presentation on the project.

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Michiel Chevalier
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