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4 Nov 2013

New feature in Nmbrs®: the pro forma employee

Michiel Chevalier
Michiel Chevalier

+Do you want to know how much a new employee is going to cost you? And does an applicant want to know how much he is going to earn if he starts working for you? It is now possible to enter a new employee in the system in Nmbrs® as a pro forma employee. Without needing all the personal information, an estimation of the monthly net amount and the employee costs are immediately transparent. This due to the fact that a pro forma is created on the basis of an existing employee or a “default employee”. Much more efficient for the employer and the payroll administrator.


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Michiel Chevalier
Michiel is the CEO of Nmbrs®. He's an expert and innovator in the field of online HR- and payroll applications.
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