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24 Jan 2019

No managers: making recruitment more than just a process

Andreia dos Reis
Andreia dos Reis
Working in a manager's free environment can bring a lot of benefits but also comes with challenges and responsibilities. With no hierarchical reporting lines, all of the tasks that would fall on a manager now fall on top of everyone within the company. Feedback, performance reviews, among many others. At Nmbrs, recruitment is probably one of the most important ones.
 We feel it's essential that everyone has a say in who joins their team at Nmbrs. Your colleagues can have a great impact on your overall motivation and performance. By involving all stakeholders in the recruitment process it helps us to constantly improve our culture, making sure that everyone enjoys working with each other. Besides, the actual members of the team which the candidate is going to join probably know best what qualifications they should have. Everyone's input is valued and more than welcome during this process.
Nmbrs office was designed to make sure all employees have everything they need to work while enjoying it.
On the other hand, it also adds more value to the candidate side. We stand by the vision that it’s not only about the cultural fit between us and the candidates. It’s an agreement between both sides where expectations must be met. By allowing candidates to be interviewed by their future team members, they’re able to better understand the requirements and expectations of their future job. At the end of the day, it helps them understand if Nmbrs is the best place for them, both on a professional and personal level.

However, this means our employees also need to learn how to recruit, which is not going to happen overnight. There's always those who have a knack for it and those who don’t. It’s normal. That’s why we are starting an internal recruitment training program to tackle this specific challenge.
Everyone's input is valued and more than welcome during this process.


A few months ago our CPO Mariel Dommering was interviewed by Recruitee about the opportunities and challenges of recruiting without managers. If you want to know more about her insights about what's it like recruiting into a no managers environment, building an employer brand through marketing, and promoting recruiting as a core internal competency across teams, you can check the full article here.


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