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3 Sep 2014

In the coming months Nmbrs® will visit various exhibitions and congresses

Michiel Chevalier
Michiel Chevalier

In the coming months Nmbrs® will visit a few exhibitions and congresses in the area of Accountancy and HR and payroll administration. Naturally, we would like to welcome you to our stand on the dates below.

Nirpa Congress - On the upcoming 9th of September the NIRPA congress will take place in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht for the fifth time. Nmbrs® is one of the sponsors of this congress for payroll professionals. The goal of the Nirpa congress is that the congress participant is invited to actively think about, and discuss, the continuous changes within the field. Thereby, in particular can be thought about the influence of the changing laws and regulations on the work and the role of the Payroll Professional.

AN dag

Accountancynieuwsdag – On the upcoming 7th of October a new edition of the Accountancy news day takes place, a large branch event for accountants and other financial professionals. The focus of the 2014 editions is ‘dare to decide’, whereby it is possible to attend plenary lectures in various parallel sessions.

ICT Accountancy: Payroll and HR innovationsOn the upcoming 15th of October the ICT Accountancy implementation day takes place, organised by GBNED. This implementation day is meant for accountants and administration offices and for the payroll advisor and payroll administrator. The focus of the implementation day is on the actual developments in the area of digitalisation and electronic information exchanging in the Payroll and HR administration branch.

Pinkweb Portal Event 2014 – Pinkweb, integration partner of Nmbrs®, organises the Pinkweb Portal Event 2014 in the Rijtuigenloods Amersfoort on the upcoming 4th of November. The theme is ´Shaping the future´ in which the emphasis is on the preparation of your organisation and employees for the future.

Exact Live

Exact Live – On the upcoming 5th of November Live Exact takes place in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Nmbrs® is
a proud sponsor of this major event. Exact Live 2014 challenges the visitor to take the leap forward. To embrace fast technological developments, come up with new business models and to create better customer experiences.

ICT Accountancy Year congressOn the upcoming Tuesday 11th of November the Year congress ICT Accountancy is being held for the 13th consecutive year, this is also an initiative of research agency GBNED and NOVAK. This year congress is meant for accountants who are interested in the recent state of affairs in the area of ICT.

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Michiel Chevalier
Michiel is the CEO of Nmbrs®. He's an expert and innovator in the field of online HR- and payroll applications.
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