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What’s it all about?

Artificial intelligence is everywhere around you, helping machines perform tasks which were previously thought to be unsolvable. Voice and face recognition, self-driving cars, product recommendations - these are only a few examples of the applications we’ve seen emerging the last couple of years. 

Although AI has already changed many businesses, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of innovation in the field of payroll. One possible reason for this is that many tasks commonly performed by salary administrators are too complex to model, require a lot of domain expertise and intuition. But people surely thought the same about driving a couple of decades ago, and here we are now, on the edge of having self driving cars. 

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What can AI do for you?


In the last decade, a lot of data has been processed by the Nmbrs® platform. All this anonymized data is used by the Nmbrs® AI assistant to create useful output.


Thanks to user feedback, our AI algorithms have the ability to improve the quality of output on their own.


Each Nmbrs® AI Assistant provides you with valuable predictions, suggestions, and analyses. This way you’re always sure to make the right decision.

Meet our Numbees 

The Numbees are the AI assistants within the Nmbrs® platform. The Nmbrs® AI Assistants provide valuable predictions, suggestions, and analyses that will support the HR and Payroll Specialist in their daily tasks. This allows them to work more efficiently, create more time for strategy, and engage employees even more. Not only are we very proud of the launch of our Numbees, but we are also the very first Dutch payroll platform to integrate AI into its platform.


We've got your settings in check.

Every time a combination of settings seems to be incorrect the Settings Numbee will help you identify and fix the issue ahead of time. As more combinations of settings are added to the Numbee over time the Numbee's expertise will grow! That means that eventually, with enough expertise from the Numbee, no payroll-related documents or calculations will be incorrect anymore.


What was the name of that wage code again? 

You can consult this Numbee during the creation of a new employee. Based on the age, function, department, and company of the new employee it suggests different wage codes to you that are commonly used for that kind of employee. 


Never guess what your employees are worth again.

It’s not always easy trying to figure out what the appropriate compensation for your employees is. The Salary Numbee compares the salary data from people with the same function within our database, giving you a framework to decide the amount of a reasonable salary.

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What's in Store?

What we’re working on now

We’re focused on developing AI assistants into our platform with the goal to facilitate our users on their daily activities. We will bundle these assistants into an AI-based agent called "Liandra", a virtual character meant to assist our users while they are still in full control of all actions and decisions. Liandra will learn from our user's actions, decisions, and feedback. This feedback loop with the user ensures trust within the AI-agent in making relevant and accurate suggestions.

Our plans for the future

Our long term goal is to make Nmbrs® a self-driving Payroll & HR platform. This doesn't mean you’ll just stand by the sidelines. End-users will directly communicate with Liandra, the AI assistant, to have their payroll done. In the future, Liandra will be able to perform a wide range of actions. However, actions will always be approved by the end users themselves before they are executed by the assistant.

Frequently asked questions

Without noticing, you may use AI more often than you would think. Many of the well-known mobile apps and websites already work with AI algorithms. When you're shopping online for clothing, travel books, when you're watching movies online, or even if you order a taxi on your phone; Chances are you will use the most advanced AI algorithms. Within Nmbrs®, the AI Assistants mainly perform in the background as well. For example, the AI algorithms of our Salary Numbee continuously measure which independent variables (e.g., education) are predictive of a dependent variable (e.g., salary), and use this information to generate accurate predictions.

Nmbrs® will never use personal data for purposes other than HR and payroll-related applications. We use AI exclusively in order to increase efficiency and user-friendliness for our customers. We treat all data in our application with care, security, and confidentiality. The processing of data is done in accordance with existing directives of the Data Protection Act. Would you like to know more about our mission to keep our application as safe and responsible? Make sure to pay our security page a visit!

We are convinced that our AI algorithms will be the crown jewels with which Nmbrs customers can distinguish themselves in the market.

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