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Payroll feature

Payroll output checker

Make running and checking the payroll run more efficient, clearer and easier.

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Salary output checker
Control payroll runs

Insight into salary runs like never before

After running the salary run, the salary output checker shows all relevant information you need and differences between periods in one central location. You can filter by employee, position, salary and variation.

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Locate errors easily

Done with manual fiddling

Error messages appear directly in your task list. So you don't have to manually search for a specific employee or input field, but within a few clicks you are immediately where you need to be.

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Payroll features

Automate the entire payroll process

Do you want full control over your payroll administration and automate as much as possible? At Nmbrs we have even more features in store for you that will take your payroll administration to a higher level.

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Find all the different solutions we developed for the HR- and payroll professional in our product tour.

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For a complete overview of our features, we have written down the functionality list for you. Here you will also find complete lists of our reports and the different industries we support.

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