Automation HR Workflow


Automating HR workflows

Now that you have identified the journey, cases and corresponding tasks, it’s time to start thinking about the workflows/tasks that you can automate.

You’ll have two types of tooling at your disposal to automate your HR workflows.

Customizable solutions

You’ll have highly customizable tooling which you can tailor to your needs exactly. This is often the more costly option that will take relatively long to implement but that will allow you to exactly recreate your cases.

Off-the-shelf solutions

And then there are the ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions that will be less customizable but that will give you a jump start on automating workflows since it’s relatively easy to implement and use.

Off-the-shelf solutions will sometimes cause you to adjust some of your workflows to the anatomy of the tool slightly. But working with predefined parameters can actually provide some new insights on how to run and manage certain HR processes and might even lead to optimization of your current processes as a result.

Example of automating an HR workflow: automated employee onboarding

Now to make it concrete: let’s take a look at a real example of an automated HR workflow. In this case, we’ve chosen for the Nmbrs® software platform to automate some of the processes within the application and onboarding process of a fictional company. First, we’ve mapped out all the steps that come with the application and possibly hiring of an applicant. The steps are as follows:

Give applicant access to Nmbrs®
Review CV
Assess whether we want to offer a contract
Add employment
Create a contract
Send contract
Turn applicant into employee and start payroll
Start onboarding workflow

Time to automate

We want to reduce to amount of data that we enter ourselves into the system by as much as possible. In order to that, we start by giving the applicant access to the system that handles all the data. The access the applicant has to the system will be restricted heavily. The applicant only gets to fill out certain forms to enter his personal data or upload his resume for example. Under no circumstance will the applicant be able to see, access or alter any data within the platform that is not relevant to him.

In this case, we only want him to be able to fill out a form to enter his personal details such as his address details and personal information, as well as the possibility to upload his resume into the system. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we’ve already done some automating. Once the applicant has filled out the information we get to do all kinds of neat stuff with it. Let’s say we particularly like this candidate and we want to offer him a contract. In the olden day, whenever you had to prepare a contract you had to start from scratch. Look up what the applicant's name is, where he lives, what he’s going to make, etc etc. Since the applicants' details are already in the system we only have to pull it out and put into the contract. This can all be done with the click of a button. Here let me show you.


Microsoft Add In HRM


What happens here is, we’ve set up a standard contract with certain fields that get filled by the system. Please bear with me it gets a little technical. Where we usually put the applicants' name we’ve set up a field, a field that gets filled by Nmbrs®, we tell Nmbrs® that he has to put the applicants' name there. We do this until all variable fields are filled. The great things is, we only have to set up and assign these fields once. When you’re done, you’re done. From now on, whenever we want to create a contract it is done by Nmbrs® with the click of a button.

At Nmbrs we find onboarding of our employees very important and we spend great effort to create the best experience for our employees. All routine tasks in our onboarding are fully automated so we can really focus on the human aspect of the onboarding itself. Of course, we love to share the way we do our onboarding and therefore we created a whitepaper dedicated to our Employee onboarding. Download the whitepaper here! 


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