It's a team pictures with everyone who is part of Nmbrs. We are all raising our hands above our head and smiling.

The dawn of the career website & how we brought it to life (again)

A career page or website is the face of the company as an employer. It’s the...

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It's an illustration with the logo "Nmbrs Leadership Sessions" with screens with people around it and connecting to it.

Creating a Leadership program during Corona

Article co-written by Anna van Oenen and Zoe Goddijn Corona was an eye-opener...

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It's a picture of an open space office with people sitting at different tables and working.

5 ways in which we are different, not crazy

One of the first statements I read about Nmbrs, during my recruitment process...

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It's a picture of Martine, the author of the article. She is in the center of the picture, sideways and smiling while talking to other colleagues

Growth & Development: 8 ways how we do it

In one of our previous articles, we explained why growth and development is so...

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It's a picture of the entire Nmbrs team. Everyone is together, looking at the camera, with their arms raised high.

Going international: My experience with the Nmbrs Exchange program

With the current age of globalization, it's important to give your employers...

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It's an illustration of 4 screens in different platforms, where Numbees are having video chats.

Help, I’m onboarding a new job remotely!

When I accepted a job offer earlier this year, I had no idea that I would start...

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It's an illustration of a woman and a man on top of a rocket, holding flags. The rocket is diagonally flying from the bottom-left corner of the image towards the top-left one. There are clouds in the background.

Growth & Development: 5 questions why we believe employees know best

Almost all of us grew up in this system called ‘Hierarchy’ where people are...

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The image is an illustration of three people putting giant pieces of a puzzle together. In the background there are big leaves and a paper airplane.

We are stronger together - the power of team collaboration

Disclaimer: this article was written before the outbreak of Covid 19. At the...

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It's true! Your company can be your coach

I recently celebrated my 2-year anniversary at Nmbrs, and I thought it would be...

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We have a new Nmbrs Tech Blog! The image shows one of our developers working in front of three screens.

The new Nmbrs Tech Blog!

We are proud to say that we have a new Nmbrs Tech Blog! Knowledge sharing is...

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At Nmbrs, we have no managers. It's important that everyone feels the responsibility to help the company grow. The image is an illustration of two people running (one man and one woman). The woman is passing the "green pill" to her colleague.

What you need to know when working in a company with no managers

Every organisation is different and I for one am sure that there is no one...

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Why QAs can be good developers

There are many similarities in the mindset and skillset needed by a QA Engineer...

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