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Input checker

Do you check every payslip individually before payroll runs? The input checker makes this manual labour a thing of the past. View all changes in one overview before the run is started.

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Run control

All changes in one overview

See exactly what will happen in the next payroll run. The input checker shows you real-time changes that different users have added. This gives you a quick and clear insight into the old and new situation.

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Fast Input
Error prevention

Anticipate annoying mistakes

By carrying out checks in advance, we prevent unnecessary corrections and therefore save valuable time. With the input checker you make your payroll cycle a lot more efficient and less error-prone.

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Teamwork makes the dream work

Do you prepare the salary run together with a colleague or customer? In Nmbrs you can easily work together on the same cases, because changes are immediately visible to all users in the input checker.

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Know who to turn to for questions

All adjustments are carefully logged and provided with context. This means that you never can easily approach the right colleague or client for questions.

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Salary output checker
Error-free administration

Mistakes? We don't even know what they are anymore

In addition to the input checker, Nmbrs has many other smart features to run your payroll administration error-free. For example, do you know the run check or the salary output checker? Discover more about our features on our salary page.

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