Smart integrations for the hospitality sector

Suppose you are an employer with a new restaurant. You are looking for useful...

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Integrations with Nmbrs make both accountants and employers happy

Thanks to Nmbrs integrations, accountants and employers excel

Each product must do what it does best. We are firm believers of this...

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Nmbrs API's. It's as simple as that.

The world of APIs sometimes feels like a maze. What is the difference between...

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Why we should be thinking more about data

Data has never been of more importance, nor has there ever been such vast...

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pvexpert-logo (1)

A chat with Patricia van Es, payroll administrator and owner of PvExpert.

The name PvExpert originated from a combination between the initials of...

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Accountor and Nmbrs, a partnership built for the future!

Last week we had two exceptional guests from Accountor visiting the Nmbrs...

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Expand your Services

Facilitating accessible HR services: Why it should be on your strategic roadmap

4 min read Recently, Nmbrs organized a knowledge session for accountants that...

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Nmbrs® launches new revolution: Free access for all users

AMSTERDAM – Accountants and administration offices that work with Nmbrs®...

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Nmbrs® invites accountants for a new Roadshow

In September, October and November 2014 Nmbrs® goes on the road in order to...

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accountants rapporten

Nmbrs® launches new accountant reports

Quicker and easier overviews for accountants...

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Integration Nostradamus and Nmbrs®

With Nostradamus and Nmbrs® the catering industry is served appropriately: two...

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New feature in Nmbrs®: the pro forma employee

Do you want to know how much a new employee is going to cost you? And does an...

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