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17 Jun 2020

The new Nmbrs Tech Blog!

Andreia dos Reis
Andreia dos Reis
We are proud to say that we have a new Nmbrs Tech Blog!
Knowledge sharing is one of the things we advocate for mostly at Nmbrs. We organise knowledge sessions, training, events,…all to create a conversation with our customers, candidates, employees and other industry professionals. These initiatives are what helps us learn and grow.


Payroll, as a product and industry, is very complex. That are a lot of variables that go into only one payslip and any minor change can have a big impact. It’s also something that changes from country to country. For us and our goal of scaling to different countries, it’s a big challenge! One that we are very committed to.
We noticed that we already share a lot on what we develop but never on how we do it. Creating one small feature at Nmbrs can take months of hard word. Each feature has a big impact. The fact that we are working towards Product Leadership has given us a lot of knowledge and information that we want to share. That is why we decided to launch a new blog with different content for a more technical audience.
In this blog, you can find:
  • How-to articles on how to implement specific development tools, methods or technologies;
  • Thought-leadership articles on topics such as AI, Infrastructure, Software Architecture and Automation;
  • First-person experiences about product delivery achievements at Nmbrs
All articles are generated by our colleagues who develop the Nmbrs features and everything is written in the same familiar way you are used to. You can find this new blog on Medium. Every month, we will share technical in-depth articles into what we have developed.
Our goal is to open up Nmbrs even more and invite you to know the team behind our product and the expertise that they put on every project. We are proud of what we are building and of the people behind it! We hope that this new blog will help you get to know us better and that it also helps other developers and tech teams to go through similar problems.
If you have any questions or would like to know even more about what it takes to develop each feature or process at Nmbrs, feel free to leave your comments and/or reach out to us. You can also follow each of our colleagues on LinkedIn and approach them directly!
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Andreia dos Reis
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