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16 Sep 2014

Nmbrs® across the border by its own devices: Innovative HR and payroll software also in Sweden

Michiel Chevalier
Michiel Chevalier

AMSTERDAM – Swedish accountants and administration offices – and their clients – can henceforth also make use of the fully online HR and payroll software of Nmbrs®. In October the Dutch company launches a product of their own on the Swedish market:

The company from Amsterdam in the Netherlands – with over 1600 clients – has built up a firm reputation these past years as provider of innovative HR and payroll software for companies and accountants. With their own vision and a clear promise: more revenue for accountants, efficiency gains and less expenses through smart innovations. The company now introduces this vision in another country for the first time.


Swedish market
The Swedish market was chosen due to the strong online orientation of its population, a payroll system that is similar to the Dutch one and due to the high English language level. “That is pleasant for our activities there. We service the Swedish market from Amsterdam”, says Michiel Chevalier, director and founder of Nmbrs®. In the meantime, however, Swedish expertise has been brought in.


Larger playing field
The new activities in Sweden have no consequences for Dutch clients and their users.
“We will keep developing our Dutch product the same way that clients have come to expect of us”, says Chevalier. In Sweden Nmbrs® primarily focuses on the market of accountants. “In the Netherlands we facilitate the innovative vanguard of accountants and accountancy firms. We intend to do the same in Sweden. This way we enlarge our total playing field.”


Individual strength
In time, expansion towards other European countries is among the possibilities. “But rather step by step, always with localized products and completely on our own. We are independent of external investors. Because of that, we can completely follow our own course and determine our own pace”, according to Chevalier.



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Michiel Chevalier
Michiel is the CEO of Nmbrs®. He's an expert and innovator in the field of online HR- and payroll applications.
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