It's true! Your company can be your coach

I recently celebrated my 2-year anniversary at Nmbrs, and I thought it would be...

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We have a new Nmbrs Tech Blog! The image shows one of our developers working in front of three screens.

The new Nmbrs Tech Blog!

We are proud to say that we have a new Nmbrs Tech Blog! Knowledge sharing is...

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At Nmbrs, we have no managers. It's important that everyone feels the responsibility to help the company grow. The image is an illustration of two people running (one man and one woman). The woman is passing the "green pill" to her colleague.

What you need to know when working in a company with no managers

Every organisation is different and I for one am sure that there is no one...

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Why QAs can be good developers

There are many similarities in the mindset and skillset needed by a QA Engineer...

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The Numbees are a small silver bot with a very friendly look. They are a visual representation of our AI feature.

How AI gained a body

As Monty Python famously said: Always look on the bright side of life. Now that...

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Why Europe’s “Unicorn Factory” is yet to adopt technologically advanced HR systems

Sweden is generally perceived as a nation at the forefront of technological...

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pvexpert-logo (1)

A chat with Patricia van Es, payroll administrator and owner of PvExpert.

The name PvExpert originated from a combination between the initials of...

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Accountor and Nmbrs, a partnership built for the future!

Last week we had two exceptional guests from Accountor visiting the Nmbrs...

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Leon Bedaux-1229

Nmbrs appoints Leon Bedaux as Chief Operations Officer

Amsterdam, 4 March 2019 - Since February 2019 Leon Bedaux, former IT director...

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No-manager LinkedIn

Six key points on how your company can start working without managers

At Nmbrs® we decided not to hire any managers. We do have a five-person...

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No managers: making recruitment more than just a process

Working in a manager's free environment can bring a lot of benefits but also...

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A tale of two cities

A first-hand experience of Nmbrs’ exchange programme in Lisbon Thijmen Alkema,...

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