3 April 2019

Nmbrs® transforms the payslip into a digital, interactive statement

InnovationAt first it seems like a small feature but in fact Nmbrs® gives the digital payslip a new interpretation. As of today it is possible to add extra data to wage components, such as remarks or attachments. An employee can see how his bonus has been established or where he got his fine, and it's just a mouse click away.

This new functionality transforms the payslip into a means of communication and it will reduce the number of questions between the employee and the payroll department. By adding extra information or an attachment to the payslip, all information is directly secured for future purposes. Nmbrs® is the first payslip software supplier to come out with this feature.

According to Michiel Chevalier, Managing Director at Nmbrs®, "For Nmbrs®, this is the first step on the way to the real interactive payslip". "The first digital magazines were also no more than a PDF file and nowadays they include additional interactive information. This also applies to the payslip."

Soon Nmbrs® will come out with more new functionalities in this area. At this moment we are finalizing the expense module, allowing employees to easily file (travel) expenses with supporting documents so they can get reimbursed through their payslips.

For more information on Nmbrs® please contact our Sales Desk.