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Visma Nmbrs is an Amsterdam-based HR and payroll software supplier for the Dutch and Swedish markets.

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The perfect HR and Payroll toolset

An international HR & Payroll platform that supports all associated processes.
Involve all users, so you can offer an optimal HR service with minimal effort.

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    Being in control

    Nmbrs is your strategic partner during your daily HR tasks, so you can focus on optimizing the employee experience and hire the best candidates.

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    Easy to Integrate

    Use the applications that work best for you! With our open API you can connect Nmbrs to any other software and create the best digital strategy.

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    Unrivaled efficiency

    Use your payroll expertise where it is really needed! Save time on routine tasks and decisions and make sure you deliver an even higher quality service with our innovative functions.

  • nmbrs-usp-betrek.je-medewerkers

    Involve your employees

    Employees are a company’s most important asset. By involving them in the process, we allow optimal HR service with minimal effort.

  • Become the payroll hero

    Become the payroll hero!

    Especially for you as a payroll professional, we have developed various functionalities that will make your life a lot more pleasant. This allows you to focus on what you do best: delivering high quality salary output, on time, every period of time.

  • Your customers will thank you

    Your customers will thank you

    The accounting firm of the future does more than just process salaries - it also advises on all kinds of HR matters. The flexibility of our software allows you to adapt your services to the needs of the customer, whatever they may be.

  • Choose the right technology

    Choose the right technology

    Nmbrs is a cloud application and through daily updates we are getting a little better every day. You and your customers always use the latest version of our software and all functionalities are available for every accountant.

  • Grow your business

    Grow your business

    Nmbrs helps you improve the quality of your output and the software is easy to adapt to the growing needs of your current and future customers. Forget everything you thought you knew about payroll processing and start using Nmbrs today. Together we'll make a difference!

Grow your business

150+ Updates

Visma Nmbrs delivers continuous improvements and new features -
in the past year with more than 150 product updates.

100+ Integrations

We’re dedicated to providing the very best experience for our customers. With our integrations, we can save organisations time and set people free to do great work.

2.500+ Clients

We’re proud to be helping over 2500+ clients to grow their Business in terms of size and services.

900.000+ Payslips

Since our start in 2009, we’ve grown from a handful of small businesses and accountants in the Netherlands to process almost 1 million payslips internationally.


From a brilliant idea to international success.

The boiling water tap is an indispensable tool in kitchens all over the world. Quooker's enormous success also saw a huge growth in personnel and administration. Discover how Visma Nmbrs has provided a suitable solution.


The numbers behind Visma Nmbrs

Visma Nmbrs is an Amsterdam-based HR and payroll software supplier for the Dutch and Swedish markets.
In the development of our HR and payroll software, the emphasis is on the role of HR.



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