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The Goodies

The earth might not be flat but we are! We are a company with no managers that trust our colleagues to do the right thing. Know more of what it looks like to work in a flat structure here.

Your private life is extremely important and we want you to be able to enjoy it. This is one of the key reasons we have implemented a 4-day workweek pilot. There is a whole life outside work and only by respecting your free time, will you be able to experience it. We trust you to manage your job so don’t stress it: we know agile both in and outside the office.

Career growth is very important and valued at Visma Nmbrs, and it all starts with your very own, assigned coach. Your coach is not only there to support you through your highs and lows, but also to help you take your career to the next level. With frequent check-ins, you’ll learn how to boost your current career path with external training of your choice, or how to continue to grow within the organization. We love growth initiatives, so don’t feel shy to reach for the stars! Want to learn more? Check out this link.

Our company culture is very important to us. We want to put our people first by empowering them to have an impact and foster a place for career growth. We empower authenticity, responsibility, and a growth mindset. At Nmbrs you can feel free to be yourself and have an impact in an open environment.

Recruitment is everyone’s responsibility at Visma Nmbrs. We want to keep growing, both in business and in amazing colleagues. That’s why we made sure to have a great referral bonus in place to show you how much we appreciate and benefit from your initiative to help the Visma Nmbrs family to grow!

Our Dutchguese culture needs to be experienced from different angles. We created the Nmbrs Exchange Program where our colleagues can move to either Portugal or The Netherlands for up to 4 months. Curious about it?

Enthusiastic to start a new adventure in a new country? We’re very excited for you and eager to help! We'll assist you with everything ranging from your visa application to flights and accommodation for your first two months when arriving. That way you can focus instead on the fun parts of your big new adventure, such as meeting people at your new workplace or integrating into a new culture.

When was the last time you went to a secret location that turned out to be a bouncy playground by a castle, or perhaps an epic beach party? No? Never? Then you’ll love our event culture! We strongly believe that magic happens when we come together, and we try to do it as frequently as possible. With everything ranging from seasonal events, big company parties, or various, cultural holiday get-togethers celebrating different cultures within our diverse company, you can definitely say that we love to have fun together!

Did you know that the “H” in happy stands for the hybrid work environment? Well, at least we think it does! Next to our no manager culture we’ve also adopted a hybrid work policy so our employees can have an even better work experience. Do you get your best work done from the office or from home? Either is possible at Visma Nmbrs. Feel free to tailor your workweek to your needs!

Apart from the benefits we already mentioned, we have a few more nice things we’d like to offer you! Because why not? Let’s dive in:

- Apartments available in both Lisbon and Amsterdam for private and professional use

- Work equipment to set you up for the best workday possible

- Hybrid way of working

- Holiday allowance

- Flexible work hours

- 4 day workweek

- Work from home allowance

- A yearly birthday gift

- An absolutely epic Christmas gift, ranging from things like espresso machines, electric bikes, or drones

Some remaining benefits have been tweaked to cater to the different unique needs of your current work location, either being the Netherlands, Sweden or Portugal. So please reach out to our recruitment team to learn more about things like health insurance, pension schemes, or travel allowance.

Your Journey to Nmbrs

As you know, we are a company with no managers. There are challenges and opportunities everywhere!
At Nmbrs, we have a hiring process that involves just enough steps to help us understand if you are the right fit for Nmbrs. But, most importantly, if we are the right fit for you. Let us give you the tour.

Step 1 - Review

In your CV, we look at your background, experience and motivation. We love to know what made us match!


Step 2 - Cultural Interview

The first interview! Keep in mind authenticity, responsibility and growth mindset. This is what we look for at Nmbrs.


Step 3 - Challenge (only for tech roles)

Nothing to worry about. It’s a small technical exercise that allows us to understand your problem-solving skills.


Step 4 - Technical Interview

We evaluate your skills, experience and basic knowledge for the position. You can also understand better what the day-to-day looks like at Nmbrs.


Step 5 - Final Interview

You will meet a senior colleague to clear all doubts and check if we all align on the vision and strategy of Nmbrs.


Step 6 - Offer

Expect a call from us with a detailed offer on everything included. Will you say yes?

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Hiring at a company with no managers


Being a company with no managers invites us to rethink common processes and ways of working.
The hiring process is not the same for every position. We're different, not crazy. So is the way we approach recruitment at Nmbrs. We've built a FAQ page to make sure you know what to expect from all of the hiring steps.

Disclosure: Due to Covid-19, the entire hiring process is done online.





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