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8 Apr 2019

Accountor and Nmbrs, a partnership built for the future!

Björn Bylund
Björn Bylund

Last week we had two exceptional guests from Accountor visiting the Nmbrs headquarters. Accountor is a Nordic outsourcing company with offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ukraine, Russia, and the Netherlands. They focus on offering a complete package to their clients, both economical,- payroll and HR services. Their mission is to help their customers benefit from modern, digital technology for accounting, payroll, and HR. The mindset of Accountor is very similar to the way we develop Nmbrs, always taking the end-users into account. For this reason, both parties wanted to get more out of the collaboration. At the beginning of this year, Nmbrs and Accountor discussed the possibilities together and the idea was born to send two of their payroll specialists to Amsterdam to be close to the action.




On Monday morning Jeanette Jönsson, team manager and product owner for Nmbrs payroll at Accountor and Erika Larsson, payroll- and implementation specialist flew to Amsterdam for a full week of Nmbrs experience and convert as many clients as possible to the Nmbrs platform. After a small tour around the office, it was first Michiel Chevalier's (CEO Nmbrs) turn to welcome our guest and tell the history, the current position and last but not least the future vision of the product.

Chevalier: "For us, it is almost essential to have clients over and work together with them in our platform. It will help us understand the user-behaviour and see where the pain-points are".

Some private office-space was created for Jeanette and Erika so they could focus mainly on converting. Jeanette: "The first impression when we arrived was, a modern and young company with a beautiful office. This is how an office in Silicon Valley must look like."

One major outcome from the trip to Amsterdam was that throughout the week, multiple Nmbrs specialists helped and assisted on several issues.

Another benefit was the ability to leave all other work and distractions at home. Erika: "We felt welcome by all the help Nmbrs offered. To be able to collaborate with their specialists, we learned a lot about all possibilities of the software, which updates are coming up and best of all I now know how the different converting tools work, so now I am completely self-sufficient to implement new companies." In total Jeanette and Erika were able to convert over 60 companies. Erika: "Compared to other software, Nmbrs is very efficient and user-friendly. During our visit, if we needed a change in the calculations, somebody from Nmbrs came in, changed the calculation for us, and we were able to continue straight away. Without waiting for a yearly update."


With Nmbrs Jeanette feels that she and the rest of her team are ready for the future. "Swedish HR- and payroll providers it is not very common to work entirely in the cloud. With all developments Nmbrs is implementing we hope to be able to rely more on the software. For example, automating standardised processes and the rising possibilities of AI give us the feeling that Nmbrs is future proof”.


In the future we want work more as an advisor for our clients instead of the classic payrolladministrator" says Jeanette. She continues:" The ultimate goal is to become the biggest production team within Accountor, with the least amount of payroll consultants. With some small updates on the calculations and approval chain in the time-registration module, we know that we can achieve this goal!" Both Jeanette and Erika are still learning a lot and are looking forward to running payroll in the future, with the helping hand of Nmbrs of course.


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Björn Bylund
Country Manager Sweden
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