API terms of use

General terms when using the Nmbrs APIs

1. Introduction

1.1. These API Terms of Use (the API Terms of Use) describe the conditions under which the API (the API) made available by Nmbrs (Visma) can be used by developers (the Developer) to develop and maintain an application that connects to Visma (the Application) and by end-users of the Application (the End User) for linking third-party applications with the Application. The End User or Developer who has access to the API will hereinafter be referred to as the API User.

1.2. By using the API the API user agrees to these API Terms of Use.

2. License

2.1. Subject to acceptance of the API Terms of Use, Visma hereby grants to the API User a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable, and limited right to access and use the API to develop, test, and to maintain and integration and to exchange certain information through an integration with the Application.

3. Obligations API User

3.1. The API User only has the right to use the API as expressly permitted in these API Terms of Use. Violation of this API Terms of Use may result in the suspension or termination of use of the API.

3.2. The API may be used to develop an Application and connect it to the Visma application in accordance with the guidelines and conditions as included in the applicable API documentation. 

3.3. The API may not be used:

to share data that belongs to an End User with anyone other than the End User without the prior explicit consent of the End User;

for illegal activities or other activities that hinder other Developers, End Users or Visma;

from disrupting, influencing, or attempting to gain unauthorized access to any services, servers, devices or networks connected to or accessible through the API;

to scrape data, build databases or otherwise make copies of data obtained using the API, except as necessary for the intended use case for a Visma-approved application;

to make a request to the API for more than the specified amount of data or more than the minimum permissions for the types of data required by the integrated application to fulfill the intended functionality of such application;

to use an unreasonable amount of bandwidth or negatively affect the stability of the API;

to attempt to circumvent Visma's restrictions on your use of the API. 

to in any way circumvent the technical limitations of the API or the software services offered by Visma, or to reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the API;

to use data obtained to detect, misuse or disclose potential security vulnerabilities;

to redistribute or resell the data obtained through the use of the API, or provide access to it in sub-licenses;

in a manner that, at Visma's discretion and discretion, would pose an unreasonable risk to customers from a security perspective;

in a manner that is contrary to European privacy legislation (GDPR) and that, at the discretion and insight of Visma, would pose an unreasonable risk to End Users from a privacy point of view.

4. Visma rights

4.1. Visma may monitor the use of the API. 

4.2. In the event that Visma has reason to believe that there is a violation of the API Terms of Use, Visma will, if reasonably possible, first inform the API User about this and offer the opportunity to rectify the violation. Contrary to the foregoing, Visma has the right to intervene immediately and take the measures deemed appropriate, including the suspension or termination of access to the API, if the API User does not respond adequately or if Visma is of the opinion that there are there is a plausible risk of damage to it, the services, the End users, Developers or users or any third parties. 

4.3. Visma reserves the right to verify any application of a Developer to ensure that these API Terms of Use are not violated. Developer agrees to cooperate with requests for information in connection with such verification and to provide evidence that the application complies with these API Terms of Use.

4.4. Visma, in its sole discretion, may impose and enforce restrictions on your use of the APIs (for example, by limiting the number of API requests you can make or the number of users you can serve).

4.5. Visma may make changes to the API as it deems appropriate and will, to the extent possible, notify the API User in advance of any changes.

4.5. Visma reserves the right to charge the subscriber and/or third party (ies) separate costs for the use of the API by API User.

4.6. Visma is able to change its API versioning. Visma will notify the API user of these changes in advance. Moreover, Visma is not obliged to maintain a specific (type and or version) API and/or specific API call active. Visma is at any time free to deprecate calls, types, and versions.

5. Security

5.1. In the event of problems, including security incidents and data leaks, related to the API integration with the Application discovered by the API User, the API User will report these problems to Visma without delay according to the Support Guidelines for API tickets.

5.2. The Developer warrants that the Application has been developed to work securely with the data that can be obtained through the API and that reasonable security measures are in place for the Application to protect the End Users' personal data.

6. Duration and End of API Terms of Use

6.1. The term of these API Terms of Use commences on the day the API User agrees to these terms and continues until terminated in a manner as set forth below.

6.2. The API User can terminate this API Terms of Use by discontinuing the use of the API. If the API forms part of a service agreement between Visma and the API User, these Terms of Use can only be terminated with due observance of the agreed termination formalities (including grounds for cancellation and periods).

6.3. Visma has the right of the parties to terminate these conditions: 

If the other party voluntarily submits a bankruptcy petition or an application for suspension of payments; 

if the other party is declared bankrupt, admits in writing that it is unable to pay its debts on the due date, or makes a transfer in favor of its creditors; 

if there is a material breach of these terms by the other party, where, to the extent possible, such breach is not remedied within ten days of written notice thereof from the non-defaulting party.

6.4. Upon termination of these terms:

all licenses granted under these Terms will immediately terminate;

upon request, each party shall promptly return or delete any tangible confidential information in its possession, control, or control to the other party; and

the API User complies with the regulations for the deletion of stored content.

7. Limited Warranties and Liability

7.1. The API is provided by Visma “as-is” without any express or implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, availability, security, ownership, and/or lack of infringement. Visma does not represent or warrant that the API and its use is or will be free of errors, bugs, or interruptions.

7.2. The use of the API and applications by the API User is at their own discretion and risk and the API User is solely responsible for any damage to a computer system or loss of data resulting from the use of the API.

8. Availability

Visma has a weekly planned update every Wednesday at 20:00 (CET). It could happen that this update is planned on a different day and/or time. We advise the API User to take this update into account when setting up automation in the integration.

9. Amendment clause 

Visma is entitled to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.


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