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22 nov 2022

The 4-Day Work Week: Two Colleagues about their Four-Day Workweek Journey

Cecile Muller
Cecile Muller

Last September, everyone at Visma Nmbrs started participating in the biggest company-wide pilot ever: the four-day workweek (4DWW). Laura and Guilherme were interviewed in the sixth week of the 4DWW pilot to discuss their first experiences. Have any challenges popped up? And are they already reaping the benefits of this extra day off? How does the 4DWW affect their daily work activities? Let’s find out! 

Let’s start at the beginning: How did you feel when the 4DWW was announced back in June?
Laura: “My first thought was that it would be so relaxing to have an extra day off. Although I couldn’t really imagine what to do with it yet, since I’m not great at making time for myself.” 

Guilherme: “It was such a big surprise. But the first thing I thought was: how am I going to finish all my development work in four days?”

How did the 4DWW impact your work in the first 1,5 months?
Laura: “Mondays are a bit busier now because incoming sales requests from Friday have to be processed.” At Visma Nmbrs, prospects request an online appointment for a demonstration of the software. “But because I really feel the relaxing effect of a long weekend, I don’t mind that it’s a little busier on Mondays since I am fully recharged.”

Guilherme: “After 1,5 months I see that colleagues are more refreshed and focused on Monday. On Thursday we push a bit harder than usual because we know we’re off the next day. It’s actually very efficient as long as you plan it. I’m also the Scrum Master for my squad so I play an important role in time management during meetings.” 

At Visma Nmbrs, Scrum Masters facilitate the Agile way of working at the company. 

How did you spend your extra day off so far? Anything special planned?

Laura: “I find it really hard to make time just for myself because my week is usually pre-booked with work, hockey training, and social engagements. I tried to plan activities with friends but most of them are working on Friday so I’m kind of forced to be bored. Which is actually a very interesting experience! I’ve read more books in the last six weeks than in the last three years. Also, I'm able to visit my grandparents more often. They live further away so going there is a day trip, which I now have time for.”

“I love to ride my mountain bike and you have to train 3-4 hours a week to get into that. Now I can really focus on that. I also have time for small side projects. Doing something different with my mind reduces my stress. I feel I have more control now over the things I do besides my work at Nmbrs.”


What are your expectations about the coming months?
Guilherme: “We can always adapt when working and be more efficient in our meetings and tasks. There will be more changes along the road but I expect it to be more fine-tuning from now on.”

In the Agile environment and with the no-manager culture at Visma Nmbrs, implementing changes and fine-tuning is an easier and natural process.  

Laura: “From my point of view, stress levels can only decrease. Since the start of the 4DWW, the peak sales season has also started. Therefore, it’s hard to say if it is super busy because we work 4 days now or because the peak season has started. I’m looking forward to experiencing the difference when the sales season is over.”


Some great first experiences! It took some weeks to get used to the new way of working, but Laura and Guilherme were able to adapt their workflows quickly - both on a personal and squad level. Moreover, the benefits of the long weekend are already paying off in both their work and personal lives. 

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