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25 Nov 2013

Soon ISAE 3402 certification for Nmbrs®

Michiel Chevalier
Michiel Chevalier

ISAE 3402 afbeelding









At this very moment the management measures within Nmbrs® are being audited. We expect to receive the ISAE 3402 (International Standard on Assurance Engagements, nr. 3402) type I certificate before the end of this year (2013).

An ISAE 3402 reports on the controls of Nmbrs®, which are relevant for the reliability, the availability and privacy of the information that is being processed by the system. There are two types of ISAE 3402 reports: a Type 1 and a Type 2 report. By the end of this year Nmbrs® expects to have an ISAE 3402 type 1 report, which refers to the design and existence of internal management measures at this moment. Consequently, the coming 6 months we will work together with the auditors in order to obtain an ISAE 3402 type 2 report. Type 2 reports on the effective functioning over a longer period (this period needs to be at least six months).

We are extraordinarily proud that we will soon acquire this ISAE 3402 type I certificate. It confirms the reliability of our organisation and the reliability, the availability (continuity), the integrity, the confidentiality and privacy of the information that is being processed by Nmbrs®.

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Michiel Chevalier
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