Nmbrs® HR Inbox

The full employee journey in one application.



Full employee journey

With the launch of the HR Inbox feature set, each HR manager is able to facilitate the full employee journey - from application to departure - directly from where most conversations start: the e-mail inbox. We enable you to create tasks and workflows directly from your inbox.

Unrivaled efficiency

With HR inbox you have all HR related information right at the tips of your fingers. Never forget a task during each HR process with the fully customisable workflows and assign each task of this workflow to a specific key user, even the employee or applicant. Users are now able to generate documents with pre-filled data directly from Nmbrs®.





Involve your employees

A happy employee will give you a happy customer in return. That’s why Nmbrs gives employers the ability to grant their employees access to their own data. Give them the keys to the castle and in return you will get fully engaged and committed employees.

Why HR inbox?

We firmly believe that employees are a company’s most important asset. They deserve the best possible HR services.

Nmbrs® contributes to this by making HR processes more accessible and efficient for all parties. Despite the fact that there are many similarities in terms of workflows within Sales and HR, CRM systems have evolved considerably over the past years and HRM systems have been lagging behind for a long time.

Time for a change! 


All features below will be rolled out in the coming weeks to all current Nmbrs users. But the feature set of HR inbox will never be done. We will always continue to develop our software so you can serve your employees the best possible HR service! 


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You are able to add applicants in Nmbrs®. This enables all current features during the application phase, without this (possible) employee getting a payslip. Also we added two other types of employees: external employee and former employee, both employee types will be excluded from the pay run as well. It is also very easy to change/ switch the employee type for each type of employment.

All daily HR tasks can be ordered into (customizable) workflows, which are linked to a specific case. Make each person responsible for their own tasks; with HR inbox, it is possible to delegate each task to different users within Nmbrs®.



Generate specific documents for your employees. With the Nmbrs® Word Add, you can insert Nmbrs® tags in your word document (for example, add the tags first name and salary in a contract). When generating a document from the Nmbrs® platform, all tags will be filled in with the correct data straight out of Nmbrs®.




“Het is mijn persoonlijke drive om HR- en Salarissystemen op een hoger niveau te trekken”

Michiel Chevalier, CEO




We're all about getting your payroll done together

Nmbrs® HR Inbox will be fully integrated in the payroll application, which means that all HR processes will seamlessly connect to the payroll process. With this feature set, HR specialists manage the complete employee journey from the job application to the farewell drinks. All HR tasks and processes in this journey are organized and optimized with the help of cases, workflows and more beautiful functionalities!

Enjoy the ride!


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