Easily integrate with Nmbrs®

You can easily realise a connection with Nmbrs® yourself. You can find everything about our API online. Through this page you will find information about and links to our support documentation, API e-learning, the partner program and the web services.


The Nmbrs® Application Programming Interface (API) allows developers to connect with the Nmbrs® payroll system. The open API is implemented as SOAP and is available for every Nmbrs® environment.

We've aimed to make integration with Nmbrs® as easy as riding a bike. Our extensive support documentation meets most of our clients' needs. When needed, additional technical support can be provided for clients in the partner program and customer integration partners with a functional design. If you would like to enter the partner program yet, the following link will show you the way.


Swedish Partner Program Dutch Partner Program


Getting started

How to get started with the Nmbrs® API: 

1. Request a Nmbrs® free trial. Choose between Free Trial Business or Free Trial Accountant. Depending on your integration you can decide which package you require. If you do not know which free trial you need, please contact us through sales@nmbrs.se. 


2. Read our support documentation carefully to get know the functionalities of Nmbrs®. 

3. We encourage our clients to subscribe to our API Update notes, and stay posted on new developments.

API Scenarios

Regardless the kind of integration you are building, you will have to make some decisions before integrating with Nmbrs®. We are a payroll system that has its own structure and logic. Make sure you understand the different levels, and be aware that most company and employee data in Nmbrs® is period based. To help you understand, we've explained some a few of these most common implementation scenario's: 



When you have read the documentation and/or followed the e-learning training, you can get started with the creation of your integration using our webservices: 

Usage limit
The consumption of the API is based on a fair use policy, so at the moment no special restrictions are applied. However abusive use of the API may result in blocked access. You can make 150 calls per second, if this is exceeded a delay of half a second will occur. Be aware that other users might do a call at the same second.  


Instead of reading the API support documentation, you can also follow our E-learning course. We have set up a special program: Integration with our API. In this e-learning course, you will learn everything about the API and how you can use it yourself through fun, informative videos. This e-learning course is completely free.