Nmbrs® Sponsor Program

In 2014, Nmbrs® launched a unique sponsor program that aims to support innovative and efficient ideas. Through the sponsor program, Nmbrs® provides organizations its HR- and Payroll software under beneficial conditions. This page shows which organizations are supported by Nmbrs® and how you can join the program.



The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup is a foundation that was founded by the Dutch Boyan Slat. As a young student his interest was in concentrations of plastic in our oceans, also known as the world’s "ocean garbage patches". Once in these patches, the plastic will not go away by itself. The Ocean Cleanup develops advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. A full-scale deployment of our systems is estimated to clean up 50 % of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years.
Nmbrs® admires and supports Boyan Slat's endeavours. We are a great advocate of innovative technology and efficient solutions. 
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Nerdalize works hard on a sustainable alternative to current cloud solutions. They avoid the datacenter entirely by placing these heat producing servers as aided heating systems in homes. This avoids the cost and CO2 emissions of datacenters and drastically reduces the household’s gas consumption whilst slashing the energy originally needed for server cooling. Adding all that up, Nerdalize expects to save up to 3 tonnes of CO2 per household per year!
As a software provider, Nmbrs® quickly recognized the value of this efficient solution. We fully support their pursuit to free heating for everyone and sustainable computing power.

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Join the Pipe

Join the Pipe is the first social network of tap water drinkers with the dream of building the longest water pipeline. In this way, they want to provide clean drinking water to everyone around the world. With the sale of water taps, refillable bottles and with donations they finance clean drinking water projects in developing countries.

Nmbrs® supports Join the Pipe, among others, with its own water tap. Refillable bottles have banned plastic bottles from our office.

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