Nmbrs® AI Assistants

In 2018, the first Nmbrs® AI Assistants will be delivered. What can you expect from these features?


Nmbrs® is the first HR and Salary software supplier of the Netherlands to launch Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the platform. The technology offers opportunities for HR specialists to work more efficiently, create more time for strategy, and engage employees even more. The Nmbrs® AI Assistants provide valuable predictions, suggestions, and analyses that will support the HR and Payroll Specialist in their daily tasks.




Automate HR and payroll processes and spend more time with customers and employees.


Expand your strategy for the optimal use of your existing and new employees


Give employees and other parties access to important HR information anytime and anywhere

Am I using AI Assistants already?


Without noticing, you may use AI more often than you would think. Many of the well-known mobile apps and websites already work with AI algorithms. When you're shopping online for clothing, travel books, when you're watching movies online, or even if you order a taxi on your phone; Chances are you will use the most advanced AI algorithms.

Within Nmbrs®, the AI Assistants mainly perform in the background as well. For example, the AI algorithms of our Salary Numbee continuously measure which independent variables (e.g., education) are predictive of a dependent variable (e.g., salary), and use this information to generate accurate predictions. Such predictions will then show up in your application like so: 


Because we've been collecting data for Nmbrs® for ten years, Nmbrs® AI assistants already have a lot of knowledge
Each Nmbrs® AI Assistant provides valuable predictions, suggestions, and analyzes for one particular purpose
The self-learning quality of AI algorithms makes that Nmbrs® AI Assistants become more accurate every day

How do AI algorithms handle my personal data?

Nmbrs® will never use personal data for purposes other than HR and payroll-related applications. We use AI exclusively in order to increase efficiency and user-friendliness for our customers. We treat all data in our application with care, security, and confidentiality. The processing of data is done in accordance with existing directives of the Data Protection Act. Would you like to know more about our mission to keep our application as safe and responsible? Make sure to pay our security page a visit!

Security page



"We are convinced that our AI algorithms will be the crown jewels with which Nmbrs® customers can distinguish themselves in the market"

Michiel Chevalier, CEO


What else is new?

Nmbrs® delivers new and improved features every week. Follow our product updates to stay up to date.
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