Help build Nmbrs®

Nmbrs® is a company with a story of its own. Nmbrs® started out as a payroll administration office and shifted focus towards building efficient HR and payroll software with the employees best in mind. Nmbrs® strongly believes that the employee is a company's most important asset and needs to be served well. The employee in focus, efficiency, automation, user friendliness and continuous innovation is the foundation of Nmbrs® as we know it today. Nmbrs® is no longer a payroll administration office – today Nmbrs® is a vibrant team on a mission towards building the best HR and payroll software available online.

Our multinational team of developers, testers, sales managers, designers, marketers and consultants brings a diverse skillset to the table. They share a passion for taking the Nmbrs® product and company to the next level while using the newest technologies. Nmbrs®  hates managers we are  organized in squads with self steering teams.

Test Engineer - Lisbon

As a Test Engineer, you are going to be a member of the QA team and of the Dev Team. They work together across the entire product.


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Senior Backend .Net Developer - Lisbon

As a backend .NET developer, you will be part of our infra squad and you will collaborate with your colleagues to improve the product.


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Agile Coach - Lisbon

As an agile coachyou will be helping the product squads continuously improve and you will empower them to drive their own growth.

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Scrum Master - Lisbon

As a Scrum Master, and with the help of an Agile coach, you'll be helping the product squads continuously improve and you'll empower them to drive their own growth.

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Support & Sales Agent - Swedish Speaker - Amsterdam

As a Support and Sales agent, you will be responsible for the initial contact with existing but also potential customers.

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Contact Center Agent - Amsterdam

As a Contact Center Agent, you are responsible for sales and support tasks. Together with your team you play an important role in the onboarding process for our (new) clients and make them familiar with our product. 

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Financial Controller - Amsterdam

As a Financial Controller, you will work closely with our CFO and play a key role in ensuring the quality and control of our financial reports and forecasts.


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