Visma Nmbrs Media Kit

We are now Visma Nmbrs! With a new brand comes a new way to use its assets. We have created guidelines to help you know which logo to use and how. You can also download them at the end of the page.

Welcome to the new brand

Our new image is composed of three different logos: the N icon/Logomark, the Logo/Logomark + Wordmark - Horizontal and the Logo/Logomark + Wordmark - Vertical. They can be used anywhere according to your needs.


Visma Nmbrs three versions

How to use the new logo

Everything you need to know on how to use the new logo and which one to use according to your needs.

  • visma-nmbrs-branding-dimensions


    To ensure legibility, please, assure the Visma Nmbrs logo is used carefully on both screen and printed materials. The logo must be correctly read and seen.

  • visma-nmbrs-branding-safe-margin

    Safe margin

    The Visma Nmbrs logo should always appear with a minimum area of clear space (isolation area) around the logo. Please, don't place other elements on top of this area to ensure the logo is visible.

  • Visma Nmbrs branding colours


    There are two main colours: Blue and white. The main logo is blue and the one we advise to be used at all times unless it is not visible.

  • Frame 13 (1)

    Logo behaviour with background

    Make sure the Logo is readable over backgrounds. Over dark backgrounds the white version of the logo should be applied to insure the maximum contrast and visibility. On photography, the logo should be selected and applied to insure the maximum contrast and visibility.


Visma Nmbrs logo and icon in Blue



Visma Nmbrs logo and icon in White



Visma Nmbrs logo and icon in Black


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