How to determine your HR Strategy?


HR strategy and why it’s important

For many organisations, employees determine the success of the organisation. Whether it is about higher efficiency, more quality and safety or more flexibility, it is the employees who implement changes with their knowledge, skills and energy. For that reason, a clear human resource strategy and framework, which results from the organisational objectives and gives direction to HR policy and instruments, is crucial. The HR strategy acts as a compass for the organisation and its employees. As an HR professional, you are responsible for creating and safeguard this strategy.

HR professionals are an integral part of just about any sizable organisation and are responsible for all HR aspects within the company, both functional as strategic. An HR professional has the expertise of an HR generalist combined with general business and management skills. Small business owners need HR professionals to manage employees within an organisation and handle training, compensation and staffing matters.

That's why HR professionals must be well-versed in the full employee-journey: from the job application to the farewell drinks. Many HR professionals have the ambition to focus more and more on strategy and ultimately become a strategic business partner for their company. But with the growing needs of their employees, they are stuck in the daily HR operations, that withholds them from focussing on the HR tactics and strategy.

Day-to-day HR routines and tasks:

Recruiting New Employees
Maintaining Policies and HR Records
Administering Compensation and Company Programs
Handling Employee Concerns

With the ability to automate daily HR routines, HR has fewer operational tasks to manage. They can spend their valuable skills and time on strategic HR initiatives that improve business outcomes. Improving retention, increasing productivity, and monitoring the company culture are just a few ways HR can spend their time when you implement HR Automation. HR specialists can manage the complete employee journey. All HR tasks and processes in this journey are organised and optimised. In this way HR professionals can shift from HR operations to HR tactics and in the end, focussing mainly on the HR strategy for the whole company.



HR Automation

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